Translatium for Linux

Work fast, communicate clearly in over 100 languages, just a shortcut away, anywhere in the world with Translatium.

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Also available on macOSWindowsiOSiPadOS & Android.

Translatium for macOS, Windows and Linux


100+ languages

English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, and many more.

Perfect pronunciation

Translatium speaks translations directly to you, accent and all. It also displays intuitive phonetics.


Keep your translation history and favorite phrases. Look up anytime you need, even without the Internet.

Full-on reference

See word genders and scroll through synonyms to say what you mean and mean what you say.

Image translation

Translate text in images instantly with our powerful OCR tool. And yes, that includes screenshots.

Menu bar (tray) integration

Stay right there in your menu bar (tray), just a shortcut away. No browser switching. No interruptions.

PopClip & browsers extensions

Select text with your mouse and translate with just one click. Just install our PopClip & browsers extensions.

Dark theme

Translatium blends in perfectly with your system with beautiful light and dark themes.

No ads

Translatium is totally free without advertisements or hidden fees.

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